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International Certification in Ecodesign

Andreu World has obtained EN ISO 14006 certification, an internationally recognized ecodesign accreditation. It is applicable to all of our products, allowing us to provide sustainable furnishing solutions, that have been manufactured optimizing its energy consumption in the production phase and are the result of an improvement in the other processes of finishing, painting, packaging and logistics. 

EN ISO 14006 is a globally recognized standard guaranteeing that all of the products have been manufactured utilizing production practices that minimize the environmental impact and footprint, reducing and optimizing production in order to also mitigate the waste generated at the environmental level. 

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During the certification process, all the environmental effects that our products  impact had to be considered, from the raw material phase to the final product, as well as officially registered the products as environmentally friendly. 

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One of the examples of this eco-innovation applied to one of the Andreu World collections is Ronda, a design rethought to optimize energy consumption in manufacturing and achieve an improvement in other production processes.


Before its production, a life-cycle assessment and an evaluation of the environmental strategy was conducted. The result has allowed an overall reduction of environmental impact and a significant decrease the energy demand of its fabrication, in additionally to greatly reduce the carbon footprint.