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Andreu World presents the winners of the 15th International Design Contest

  • For this year’s contest, 200 projects were submitted from contestants and schools from around the world.
  • This year’s jury consisted of architects Carlos Ferrater, Guzman de Yarza and Fernando Salas, trustee of the Fundacion Arquitectura y Sociedad (Architecture and Society Foundation) Marta Fernandez Castro and editor of Nuevo Estilo (New Style) magazine Pilar Barrio.
  • The contest awards a first prize of 3,000 euros (4,000 US$) and a second prize of 1,000 euros (1,500 US$). Additionally, four honorable mentions were bestowed.

On December 10th the presentation of the 15th Andreu World International Design Contest prizes was celebrated in the main hall of the Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseno de Valencia (Valencia School of Art and Design).


The jury composed of Carlos Ferrater, architect and president of the jury, Marta Fernandez Castro, trustee of the Fundacion Arquitectura y Sociedad (Architecture and Society Foundation), Guzman de Yarza, architect and director of the “Master in Design for Work”, editor Pilar Barrio of Nuevo Estilo (New Style) magazine and architect Fernando Salas selected the best projects after much deliberation. Each proposal was assessed on its design, presentation and innovation and after careful consideration two winners and four honorable mentions were awarded.


The first prize was given to the Kollar stool by Canadian Virosh Ranqalla. The jury appreciated its cleanness of the constructive solution, innovation and versatility. The Kollar stool is a design with great potential, offering the possibility to utilize different materials and resources in its composition. Esthetically it is a piece that due to its freshness can fit into a diverse range of environments and its configuration adds value by permitting “flat pack” packaging. The beauty, versatility and timelessness of the piece are among the traits that have made Kollar the contest winner.


The second prize went to Belgium for the Pattern project by Thierry Gossuin, who also received the second price in the 2013 contest. Pattern stood out for its equilibrium, harmony and uniqueness. The design is inspired by classic elements, elegantly interpreting the construction of a highly versatile collection. Additionally, the comfort, ergonomics and flexibility of the plywood seat and backrest should be noted and its shape make it a recognizable design with great potential. The jury saw value in the handling of the curve and the composition of its elements that gives the design a modern air.


Lastly, the jury presented four honorable mentions to the Link project by Arturo Bascuña (Spain), to the table design by Dániel Varga (Hungary), to the Zaragoza chair by Maryia Virshych and Cian McKenna (Belarus) and the Mikado chair by Philipp Hermes and Dustin Jessen (Germany).


This year’s competition collected 200 projects of high artistic level from contestants and schools the world over.


The Andreu World International Design Contest is an annual event attracting creations from young students and designers. Participants submit their proposals to compete for an opportunity to have their chair or table project recognized as the most creative and innovative, excelling in the synthesis of design and technology, and in the end a truly unique piece.


The requirements and the effort of the contests, together with the international proliferation of the event make the Andreu World International Design Contest a distinctive platform to launch and promote new designers.