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Sail, a rational beauty


Technology can be the perfect ally when it’s time to optimize resources, investigate and attain maximum efficiency. Sail is the perfect example of this alliance.


Like its namesake, Sail adapts its forms to offer maximum lightness and comfort. It’s modeled to receive the body in a comfortable manner. In Sail, technology reaches its maximum expression to obtain a chair that is both light and solid, with the simple summons of its formal beauty. Sail is a paradigmatic piece, born of the will to create a chair that offers polyvalence, strength and elegance without requiring the use of more material than necessary, and  by making the most of technology and of the structural study of molding through gas injection.



Entirely developed by Andreu World, Sail was made following a deep study of the behavior of the material and of the thermo-polymer injection technique. Each aspect of Sail is perfectly calculated, in such a way that its structure is a combination of spaces and solid mass that ensure its stability and resistance, while reducing material and weight. The result is a lightweight but structurally strong chair that is both comfortable and functional.


Sail arises from the desire of Piergiorgio and Michele Cazzaniga to create a paradigmatic chair, a perfect combination of versatility, strength and elegance in a seemingly simple form.