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Jasper Morrison evaluates the projects submitted for this year's edition

As a juror of the 2016 Design Contest, the designer Jasper Morrison, who has been work with Andreu World for a number of years, provided his particular point of view on the projects submitted for this year's  edition. 

Jasper Morrison 2016 Design Contest Jury

After analyzing the models presented, in search of the what he calls “good design", Morrison commented that in his decision, when it came time to select the better projects "I had to take into account the comfort, durability and practical use, being at the the same time simple for production and maintaining a measure correct of the different proportions" indicated Jasper Morrison when picking the projects. 

Jasper Morrison 2016 Design Contest Jury

Jasper Morrison, as creator of term "supernormal" in design, is guided for this same criterion for assessment of the better creations of 2016. Such as highlighting , to the equal that in the current furniture that  the projects must split from the idea of "intelligent" and must take into account factors as the practicality, its usability in different applications and, its ability for production and optimization of costs, among other factors. 

"My opinion is that the world of design is has moved away from normality, forgotten its roots and the basic notion that the designers must care the environment and try to improve it. As designer, try to search in the objects its usability and how it will live", explained Jasper Morrison, while analyzing  each detail of the nearly  200 projects submitted  this year.


Jasper Morrison 2016 Design Contest Jury