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First Prize: 2016 Design Contest

First prize Andreu World Design Contest

The winning design of this year can be a chair, a bench or a table at the same time. The table project created by Rameshwor Pons from Mataró (Barcelona-Spain) has won the first prize of this year. The jury has highlighted its versatility, functionality and the application in areas of collaboration and work.

"Its design solves in one single piece and with a single movement the different uses and typologies of furniture: seating or table. It is a multifunctional design that brings together a constructive complexity in the curving of the wood, whose movement allows to create different uses according to the space in which it is" highlighted the members of the Jury 2016.

First prize Andreu World Design Contest

The winning proposal of this year - awarded with 3,000 euros - is based on a functional, elegant and adaptable furniture to different spaces. Therefore it accomplishes two functions, the seat and / or table, at the same time.

For this reason, the winner of the contest created a solution of barstool that at the same time can be used as a coffee table according to the occasion. In its creation has searched the multifunctionality of uses and the spaces that equip. Therefore it can be situated in a workspace, as in an office or common areas.