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Extra, ingenuity and versatility

Restaurants, meeting rooms, offices, waiting rooms, homes, study centers, lounges... Each of these spaces requires a distinct solution, tailored to the max. A major part of our work lies in the search for these solutions and includes finding and using new materials, improving technical solutions and extending our offer of finishes to the fullest. We employ a wide range of materials, from ultrafine ceramic, which is highly resistant to the most adverse conditions – including the elements – to aluminum that is extruded and lacquered through a process originally developed in the construction of automobiles.




An entire repertoire of material and technical solutions that guarantee stability, resistance and versatility, and which permit the customization of each item to the particular tastes and needs of each customer. Extra is a system of tables developed to maximum versatility in terms of their materials, use and adaptation to all types of environments. 


Extra Andreu World

It is the result of a precise search: a universal table that always offers maximum functionality while never renouncing esthetic value. The soul of Extra is an extruded aluminum chassis that supports surfaces with lengths of up to 340 centers on just four legs, without sacrificing stability or resistance. The program is completed by glass, ceramic or wooden tops: with four different types of legs, in aluminum or wood; and endless customization opportunities in terms of colors and finishes.