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60 years: Celebrating Design

Since 1955 our passion for design and love of detail has led us to create innovative and sustainable products that allow people to healthily and intelligently enjoy the spaces that they inhabit.  Today we celebrate 60 years of designing durable furniture solutions for work, pleasure, and life.  

60 años 600 

From a small carpentry workshop where the artisan craftsmanship was learned by skilled hands through contact with wood, the center point of our industrial culture has been maintained and improved.  It is a culture focused on research, technological development, innovation, and design.   


60 years_Andreu World  

The philosophy that guides Andreu World, our way of creating and designing the products, is always a creative endeavor in pursuit of innovation. We are manufacturers that have a passion for the wood. We make pieces that are not only timeless and elegant with superb technical performance, but our furniture is born from the experience of in diverse environments and moments of their lives.


60 years Andreu World



Throughout our 60 years Andreu World has intended to not only improve the wellbeing of our product’s users but also create more leisurely spaces, sustainable, healthy, and habitable for every moment of our life. During these last 60 years we have grown and evolved.  


60 years_Andreu World


To celebrate this occasion we present to you Stories, twelve narratives that explain who we are, how we work, and also to share our commitment with the principles and values that have carried us here.