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Outdoor collection for sustainable living

Our concept of al fresco living is not limited to just the country or the beach. We believe that you can enjoy the sun and the breeze on a patio or garden whether it is located in the middle of the city or at your favorite restaurant. Andreu World Outdoor takes that idea and combines it with the nature of the exterior and the comfort of the interior.


The inspiration for the Andreu World Outdoor collections remains nature with a clearly contemporary point of view. They are functional, comfortable and elegant designs that can be used in both private and public environments.

Andreu World Landscape Outdoor Chaise Lounge

The various Andreu World collections are designed for use in exterior, public, or private applications and include lounge chairs, sofas, modular systems, chairs, tables, side tables and chaise lounges.

Andreu World Sit Outdoor

 A combinable offering that was developed from materials resistant to the extremes of climate and intensive use, are respectful of the environment and only require simple maintenance.