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New Video | Flex Collections: Performance, beauty, versatility

In this video we present Flex, a family of five collections in numerous finishes and forms: Flex Chair, Flex High Back, Flex Corporate, Flex Armchair and Executive. Flex is functional, durable and attractive. It is the ideal office chair and an elegant option for hospitality and residential projects.

Discover the new "Dado" with curves

A “Dado”with curves? This yearyou will discover the extraordinary evolution of Dado. This system of sofas -created by Alfredo Häberli- conceived from modularity and an eye for detail, has grown. The geometry of the new components extends the possibilities of configuration: back to back, curved compositions; islands of seats for large public spaces or long lines capable of organizing the circulation of people and offering a moment of rest.

Video | Dado, modern comfort with endless versatility

Dado is a very comfortable modular sofa that arises from a precise set of proportions, volumes and color. The geometry of Dado, graphic and essential, contains a series of subtle details. Its upholstery proposes combination from the main fabric, the welting and to a series of small bands that define the shape of the seat, especially the seam that, matching or contrasting, frames the interior upholstery that distinguishes its design. Dado allows multiple combinations adding different elements: corners, central modules, chaise longue and footrests of different sizes...

Video | Raglan, the precision of elegance

With careful upholstery work and elaborate sewing details, the Raglan collection consists of lounge chairs, combinable and modular sofas, and occasional tables, which allow a large number of solutions for public and private spaces, seeking comfort without losing an iota of sophistication. Discover all its possibilities in this video.

Video | Design Experiences in First Person

Why design is so important in our lives? How can we create new seat and tables that can make people enjoy them? This is the challenge of our International Design Contest and the starting point of the design process. We would like to share with you a video from last year’s winner, Hélène de Salvatore, from Brussels. In the video she talks about her project, “Mediterranean”, a bench- seat that highlights characterized by its simplicity, elegance and uniqueness that captivated the last year’s international jury. Get inspired and participate. From Andreu...

Video | Reverse, a sculptural form

Reverse has a sculptural presence with great versatility. The sculptural base can be situated in interior and exterior spaces. Single, as a pair to support large tabletops, and also forming groups in communal projects. Its catalog of finishes is as wide as its integration possibilities thus making Reverse an icon for every environment. The versatility of this program of bases is demonstrated in this video, offering a wide range of solutions through its different versions of tables: Lounge, Occasional, High Table and central bases in combination with different...

Nuez, an envolving and technological design

Envolving, suggestive, warm and technological at the same time. This is the Nuez chair. Designed by Patricia Urquiola, born from the idea of creating a seat that folds like a sheet of paper. The injected thermo-polymer shell is expressed as a flexible surface that embraces the body when sitting. The curves of the seat transmit softness and materiality. Its undulating exterior texture features an exclusive band fabric created by Patricia Urquiola. This new chair offers a double texture: that of the carcass, formed by three-dimensional waves that give it...

Pillow, the construction of comfort

Pillow has the novelty of a construction kit. A series of pieces that appear to be geometrically simple fit together. They are soft volumes embedded in a discreet and stable base. Pillow integrates a very elaborate work of woodworking that favors its ergonomic and comfortable character. Pillow, available in chair, armchair and lounge chair, always maintains contained and harmonic proportions. This character, both kind and discreet, makes Pillow a very comfortable collection that seamlessly integrates into residential or commercial environments.

Video | Flex Collections: Performance, beauty, versatility

In this video we present Flex, a family of four collections in numerous finishes and forms: Flex Chair, Flex High Back, Flex Corporate and Executive. Flex is functional, durable and attractive. It is the ideal office chair and an elegant option for hospitality and residential projects.

Video: Design is hard, but it's worth the effort

To design is complex, especially when you have portions of an idea or a multitude of them. In all design, the creative process is perhaps the most significant act, the moment where the ideas begin to be sketched, the origin of what is to come. This internal work involves an emotional and technical burden in which a multitude of experiences, places and memories are involved. To distill everything is to arrive at a concept, widening, organizing and defining lines, volumes and ways to see it materialized in a product requires skill and perseverance....

Sail, a rational beauty

Technology can be the perfect ally when it’s time to optimize resources, investigate and attain maximum efficiency. Sail is the perfect example of this alliance. Like its namesake, Sail adapts its forms to offer maximum lightness and comfort. It’s modeled to receive the body in a comfortable manner. In Sail, technology reaches its maximum expression to obtain a chair that is both light and solid, with the simple summons of its formal beauty. Sail is a paradigmatic piece, born of the will to create a chair that offers polyvalence, strength and elegance without...

Alya, an invitation to comfort

In this new video, we show you the delicate work of upholstery and natural finishes of the leather work, envolving Alya lounge chair, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina. Alya is an invitation to comfort. As part of our evolution, we have developed entirely upholstered pieces. Alya is a perfect example of this line of work. It’s a design that transmits the attention paid to details and upholstering created like ‘a made to measure suit’. Comfort is achieved through a careful study of ergonomics, strengthened by latest generation foams, which offer fantastic...

We present the new design Contest video

Looking for inspiration to present your project? Do not miss our video. The 2015 Andreu World Design Contest kicks off with a new video on Youtube. All winners, awards, jurors and award-winning models of these 14 editions have been compiled into a single visual document. This video serves as the starting point and guide for new contestants wishing to learn more about our contest. Over the 14 years of the contest there have been over 10,000 submissions from all continents. The 14th Annual Andreu World International Design Contest is now open with submissions...

Patricia Urquiola introduces the Nub Collection

Spanish Industrial Designer and Architect Patricia Urquiola introduces us to the Nub collection comprised of armchairs, lounge chairs amp; benches, made by International Company Andreu World. In this short film through Urquiola’s thinking and voice, shows us the way the Nub Collection was first devised and then production in collaboration withAndreu World. We see different environments and landscapes, from the snowed forests to the big beech woods inNavarra, in the North of Spain, where Andreu World gets 100% reforested wood, from areas withFSC® certification...

Discovering Manufacturing Extra Table

This video describes in detail the design and manufacturing processes of Extra table designed by Lievore Altherr Molina for Andreu World. Sustainability, quality, design, production capabilities and technology are the key manufacturing factors of this table, characterized by its flexibility, dynamism and a wide range of possibilities and finishes. Extra is a table system developed to maximize the versatility of its materials, uses and adaptability to various installations. This resulted in a clear goal: a universal table that offers maximum functionality while...

Andreu World: Design & Products

This video shows an overview of Andreu World, through their products, designs, facilities and team. For more than 55 years, Andreu World has developed a solid industrial culture based on the manufacturing of high quality and comfortable chairs and tables that allow users to enjoy their habitat in a smart and healthy way in contract, home, corporate and public spaces or outdoor spaces. Do not miss our video.