The seat of love "designed" by Edward VII

Edward VII, King of Great Britain and Ireland, son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, had a silent youth that dwarfs the bed-stories of the present British royal family. But it is also true that when he began his reign, at the beginning of the twentieth century, at the age of sixty, his virtues as a diplomat and statesman ended up making people forget the sins of his youth. However, in a history of the furniture of love, one cannot ignore his contribution to erotic fantasies in the field of design, because his Siège d’amour, an example of which is kept in the...

There are chairs for rent

It is one of the popular sayings or expressions of the Catalan language that has neither a literal translation nor Castilian Spanish equivalent. It is used when someone behaves in an unprecedented or unconventional way and more correctly to refer to extraordinary situations that can generate expectation. Its origin is in the phrase s’hi llogaran cadires that was once pronounced by the town crier to announce a show. It was a kind of advertising slogan, because the offering of chairs to the public, even if they were for rent, meant that the show would be worth...

Saint Atilano in his chair

As theAragonese are peaceful and ordinary men, no more typical than the “auroras” that they sing in Tarazona to the glorious Saint Atilano, patron of the city, and present the heavenly man sitting in his chair: “Tarazona is filled with joy because he has a child of faith and religion and he is named the glorious Atilano who benefits us with his protection. Happy scene: we have him seated in his chair in his own house where he was born”

Manual for making a chair

Select, among various types of wood, the one you like the most for the shape and color: Birch - Maple - Boxwood - Mahogany – Chestnut - Cedar - Cherry - Poplar – Ebony - Oak - Beech - Walnut – Olive - Elm - Pine - Oak - Teak – Etc. Remember that the essentials of a chair are: Seat - Stile - Front legs – Rear legs – Rail/Apron – Backrest - Stretcher. Although you can add the decorative fantasies you like the most: Backrest base - Arms - Shell – Curtain - Foliage - Acanthus leaf – Palm tree - Motif - Bouquet - Scrolls – etc. Get the tools you...

Domingo the carpenter

In the sixties, Eivissa (Ibiza) was still a paradise barely polluted by modernity, where the rural culture survived, to which Domingo belonged, an old carpenter who along with his young nephew, who he had made his assistant, was still working in the upper part of Dalt Vila. Domingo used the solid wood of the island junipers to which he formed with the saw, the brush, the chisel, and the mortise…the most traditional tools that he handled with dexterity. And in fact, many of the chairs and tables were bought for houses of the members of the large colony of German,...

The chair of Homar

The most admired area of 20th century Barcelona is known as the Quadrat d'Or, the most central part of the Ensanche designed by the engineer Ildefons Cerdà, in which the well-to-do families of Catalonia decided to set up, promoting the construction of unique buildings in the most flourishing era of modernism. The Boixareu, owners of the thriving textile industries that prospered under the auspices of the First World War, decided to occupy the principal of these estates, they decorated without cost restraint in the style of modernism. The furniture maker entrusted...

The best chair

Raül, an industrial designer, born and educated in Barcelona, with a master's degree from the Royal College of Art in London, and his wife, Candelaria, an interior designer from Gran Canaria, wanted to give their daughter some domestic object as a wedding gift. When asked what she wanted, Helena asked them for a chair for her desk. She let them choose, but she asked for the best chair, the most comfortable, the most practical, the most anatomical ... and the most modern. Searching for the most suitable seat, the parents refreshed their knowledge by checking...

End-of-course work

The Gestalt Institute, the design school that advocated a technological and engineering option, proposed to its third year students an end-of-course project in which they should determine what, in their opinion, was the chair that best responded to the needs of the user anatomically, functionally, technically and economically. The work was very complex for the students who wanted to review the foremost designs made since 1914, that is to say, from the moment that the concepts of functionality, rationalism and industrialization definitively established themselves...

The wingback chair of the Eternal Father

A good armchair is a sign of distinctive authority. In old times it was reserved for the patriarch, today women should proclaim their conquest of equality, sitting in the house wingchair. Interestingly, the most famous of all the wingback chairs – made in Italy since 1912 by a craftsman from Turin named Renzo Frau – had a feminine name (the “Poltrona Frau”). Upholstered with a smooth leather or capitonnée, the Frau armchairs created an unforgettable style in bourgeois homes. They became a symbol of wellbeing and power. The advertising was also original, as...

Louis XIV announces "seated" his marriage with Marquise de Maintenon

The Palace of Versailles, where Molière triumphed, had been conceived as a fabulous scene. The King’s own life was a show. Louis XIV so much liked to live in the public view that he allowed access to any stranger who wanted to attend the ceremonies of the royal life: the awakening of the King, the lunch or outdoor walks. Thus indulged himself to announce his marriage to Marquise de Maintenon, seated in his business chair (an euphemism that refers to the most elemental of the comforts). To penetrate the royal apartments was no more than renting a hat and a...

Manuel de Falla and his bunker of chairs

Manuel de Falla, the Spanish composer, was very much a hypochondriac. He didn’t have a strong constitution, but also suffered from minor illnesses (headaches, digestive disorders and rheumatic pains). He was so apprehensive that he was even afraid of the energetic hugs that the painter Zuloaga, a strongly built man from the Basque Country, gave him. Zuloaga recounted how he went to visit Falla in Granada, and the musician’s sister warned him not to get too close and hug him, because he was very weak. Zuloaga found him surrounded by chairs, protected in a...

The old Spanish court and person responsible for keeping vigilance of the chair

The protocol of the Spanish court came to be, in the Golden Age, to excesses only surpassed in the Vienna of Franz Joseph. An honored Spanish lady should always keep her feet hidden. And the exigencies of the court etiquette at this point reached such extremes that no one could reference the feet of the queen, under penalty of incurring serious contempt. Perhaps we could find here the influence of the Semitic tradition. And the truth is that our kings lived as subject to the rules of the court as could be the High Priest to the rules of worship. Philip III, for...

The chairs of geniuses

Salvador Dalí wore a 41; but when he painted, to stimulate his creativeness, he wore smaller shoes, specifically size 38. The discomfort activated ingenuity. In his Weimar home, Goethe wrote while sitting on a wooden trestle, like the “pommel horses” used by athletes in the Olympics. Rilke wrote standing up, at a high desk, also recited standing up and only sat to read. And in the Achilleion – the palace that Sisi built in Corfu – the office that Kaiser Wilhelm II used is preserved, with a kind of saddle where he sat to write.

Take two seats

Charles de Morny was a famous French politician and banker, related to all of the aristocracy (he was the half-brother of Napoleon III). To explain his origins, he cynically said: “In my family we are bastards from parents to children. I am the great-grandson of a king, grandson of a bishop, son of a queen and brother of an emperor”. He did honor the descendants of the family, leaving numerous bastards: some well checked and others attributed by legend, such as Sarah Bernhardt. He inspired the character Monsieur Marsy in the novel His Excellency Eugene Rougon by...

A chair for a hat

One of the rules of Hispanic etiquette, when you “capitulate” visits, was to show great admiration for the hat of the visitor. Arabs and Jews that inhabit the branches of our family tree could dutifully explain the reasons for this Eastern custom. “The courtesy that is paid to the hat of a particular gentleman - observes the great traveler Richard Ford – is remarkable, especially among the good provincial people: it is not permitted to have it in the hand or leave it on the floor. The friendly owner of the house excels in this crucial rite of hospitality, takes...

The Ritz Hotel's chairs and bathtubs

Thanks to Edward VII, who had the habit of bathing in the company of his friends, hotel bathtubs became more comfortable. In view of complaints of discomfort of the bathtubs from the voluminous prince, Caesar Ritz decided to make them wider and more comfortable. The brilliant Ritz had solutions for everything. And just like how he commissioned the large bathtubs, he ordered the manufacturing of small furniture, when he dealt with more intimate spaces. Like this he decorated the Rue Cambon bar in his luxurious Place Vendome hotel in Paris. As the space was...