The Chairpedia

Each chair tells its own story and here they all fit. Their own and those of others. Even those in which the design is not the essential part. The Chairipedia is a project involving writers and historians of design, architecture and art.  



The Chairpedia: The chairs of geniuses

Salvador Dalí wore a 41; but when he painted, to stimulate his creativeness, he wore smaller shoes, specifically size 38. The discomfort activated ingenuity. In his Weimar home, Goethe wrote while sitting on a wooden trestle, like the “pommel horses” used by athletes in the Olympics. Rilke wrote standing up, at a high desk, also recited standing up and only sat to read. And in the Achilleion – the palace that Sisi built in Corfu – the office that Kaiser Wilhelm II used is preserved, with a kind of saddle where he sat to write.
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