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Francisco Andreu, entrepeneur and design pionner

Entrepreneur businessman and pioneer, who was a leader in the design furniture sector, habitat and


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Entrepreneur, innovator, and pioneer in promoting design, work well done, internationalization, and innovation, Francisco Andreu was an exceptional businessman and a tireless adventurer on a professional and personal level. He was married to Maruja Ferrer, his inseparable life companion. He has two children, Maru and Melchor, and four grandchildren. Those around him have always valued in him his innate intelligence and, above all, his capacity for work and his great personal effort.





Francisco Andreu, founder of Andreu World, has died at the age of 79. Entrepreneur, self-taught and intuitive, he has been a prominent figure in the furniture and design sector, since the foundation of Andreu World, Spanish designer furniture brand with an international presence in more than 70 countries.


Francisco Andreu Martí, born in Alaquàs (Valencia) in 1937, began working as an apprentice in his father’s curved furniture workshop. At the age of 17, he decides to gather his family’s know-how and experience in woodworking and convert a small cabinetmaking workshop into a company dedicated to the manufacturing of wood pieces, bending, assembly and varnishing of chairs.


Since 1955 his passion for design has led him to excel and create innovative furnishings and products, to research, to seek technological solutions and to create his own brand, Andreu World. His way of manufacturing has always been linked to the culture of the wood, making designer chairs and tables, timeless, elegant, and sustainable.


Since its inception, the company has been growing and opening new production plants in Spain (Curvados Andreu, Andreu Nort, Andreu Tops), while expanding the commercial network at national and international level through its presence in international fairs and the gradual opening of brand showrooms and spaces worldwide. In his philosophy, two constants stand out: the search for the best raw material, wood, and the pursuit of excellence in its production culture, to manufacture designer chairs within the reach of people in different environments and times of their life.
The collaboration with renowned designers is proof of this and have marked Andreu World’s past and present as well as his commitment to creativity and young talents, creating in 2001 the Andreu World International Design Competition, which this year celebrates its 17th edition. His international vocation has also been present throughout his business career to make Andreu World a global brand that since 2011 has been part of the Foro de Marcas Renombradas Españolas (Forum of Leading Spanish Brands). His personal commitment to design, quality, and internationalization earned him the Premio Nacional de Diseño (National Design Award) in 2007, the highest award granted in Spain to those companies that use design successfully in their innovation strategy.


In 2015, Andreu World and its founder Francisco Andreu celebrated the 60th anniversary of the company, increasing its international projection, faithful to the firm’s values and corporate culture.
In his own words: “Chairs are our reason for being. So, our work will continue to seek the essence of all of them. After these years, we believe that we are able to convey what our experiences and the continuous learning that our industrial culture, love of detail have allowed us to know. That future will follow the path of the culture of design, innovation and sustainability, which
for carries us parallel to the industrial culture that is in our origin.” 



His greatest desire has been the projection towards the future of the company and that it could have continuity beyond his person. Thanks to this firm will and vision of the future, the company has been operating in the hands of a Board of Directors, composed of his family and professionals, created more than 9 years who run the company and its strategy since 7 years.
His greatest legacy and also his dream is his tenacious purpose of giving continuity to his work and to the project initiated 62 years ago based on the sustainability, love to the detail, innovation and design, founding values of Andreu World.


On the behalf of Andreu World and the Andreu family we appreciate the affection expressed by all, workers and close friends.