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Andreu World presents Eat well seated

It is the first edition of a restaurant guide, which will be reissued and expanded annually, created with the idea of combining gastronomy with good design.


Andreu World has just published Eat well seated, a restaurant guide, which will be updated and expanded annually, made with the idea of marrying gastronomy with good design. Promoted by Andreu World, the Spanish company specializing in chairs with the largest international projection, it is a unique publication that, in addition to being useful as a guide – which includes reviews of 25 restaurants around the world – tries to reflect on the importance of design in dining rooms, with interviews with Michelin starred chefs such as Albert Raurich, Eneko Atxa, the Torres brothers, Paco Pérez, and Bernd H. Knöller.


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Written by Alvaro Castro, journalist specializing in “gastronomy” and “lifestyle”. It is a culinary and creative trip around the world to very different places such as Berlin, Singapore, London, Madrid, Paris, New York or Brisbane. All of them have one thing is common: in all of them you can eat well and sit on a chair manufactured in Spain. Andreu World manufacturers the chairs, seats, stools, and tables of many restaurants that have been designed by professionals who know the importance of eating well seated. The idea of reflecting on this has led us to create this publication, which has the opinions of renowned chefs. It is not a guide but a list of recommended places. It is also not an objective selection, but Andreu World seats are lucky to be at the tables of many good restaurants around the world, and, like good food, we want to share it with your customers and friends.


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“There is nothing more horrible than sitting for two or three hours in front of the tasting menu of a bad chef and in an uncomfortable chair!”, Albert Raurich, Dos Palillos (Barcelona).

“We see our work in the long-term. This is very important. The chairs have to be comfortable, beautiful, and definitely timeless”, Bernd H. Knöller, Riff (Valencia).


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For over 60 years, Andreu World has worked to create sustainable and innovative designs, providing
timeless furniture solutions that permit the enjoyment and well-being of the people who inhabit those
environments, such as work spaces, corporate and public, also for outdoor, hotels, coffee shops, and
restaurants such as those in this guide. The passion for design, innovation, and sustainability – Andreu

World works with 100% sustainable wood that completes the FSC Chain-of-Custody from tree to final product – and love for details are the firm’s core values. Andreu World works with internationally renowned designers and architects such as Patricia Urquiola, Jasper Morrison, Lievore Altherr Molina, William Sawaya, and Piergiorgio Cazzaniga. The Andreu World brand is present in more than 70 countries. Throughout their existence, they have been awarded well-known international design prizes such as Red Dot Design Award, Best of NeoCon, Wallpaper Awards, and the Premio Nacional de Diseño (National Design Award).


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