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International Design Contest: New materials

In its challenge to introduce new materials and promote an innovative, sustainable and versatile design, the nineteenth edition of the contest is a special collaboration with the Danish textile house Kvadrat. This year, designers are asked to use their upholstery catalog in their presentations.

Blog Concurso 3 Proposals can include a variety of seats, from chairs and armchairs to stools, benches and sofas. From the beginning, Andreu World chose the chair as the design object because it has the greatest capacity of any individual furniture to "reinvent" itself.


For those who send table designs, they can use Solid Textile Board material from Really as a material for their envelopes or structures, a high-density composite made with Kvadrat textiles after their life cycle. Andreu World asks designers to create pieces adapted to a variety of situations and uses for residential, contract, work or commercial spaces.



Participants must use mainly wood (beech, ash, oak or walnut in solid wood) and upholstery in their designs with the possible use of metal, thermopolymer and aluminum. The use of materials is key in the Design Competition, therefore the mader represents not only a warm, noble, always unique material, it is a connective material for the design market and consumers In other words, wood is synonymous with joinery in Andreu World.

Since its debut in 2001, the contest has awarded a total of more than 100,000 euros in prizes and since its inauguration, its juries have included experts and international design professionals and the creative industry.