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The "transplastic" chair

I met with the Campana brothers at a summer workshop in Boisbuchet.  There we had time to have long conversations in those shared dinners at communal tables that are the center of country life that carries in the place. One afternoon we talked about their Transplastic collection. Surely it is the one that best expresses the way of thinking of the Brazilian brothers. Manual labor opposed to industrial, how to utilize poor local materials, in this case a fiber called “apui”, and elevating their category, giving them an unexpected beauty through design.  There has been much talk of this project in which the designers start from the horrendous plastic chairs of poor quality that unfortunately invade the planet and transform them by weaving them and integrating them into new structures based on craftsmanship






“To be honest,” they told me, “the idea came from our mother. She has the habit of sitting down and chatting with her friends in the street.  And we were becoming famous designers, they knew us all over the world, and we told her that she could not continue to sit in that horrible plastic chair, that we were going to design her a new one”. But she refused, she said she was happy with her chair and they will leave it alone. So, what they did was to start with the chair in question and work it manually through a mental process that visualizes the fiber by seizing the plastic. The result is a hybrid that functions as a kind of war cry, the message of an ecological counterattack to a world invaded by plastic.  And their mother, very happy.