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A tomb for a chair

Among the most famous “imaginary sick” there is Judge Du Heeain.  This magistrate, who practiced his career in Caen, was very apprehensive and gave into the delusion of believing himself to be phthisic. Despite his fairly healthy appearance, he didn’t want anyone to interrupt his repose and he remained seated in a chair where he even attended judicial cases.  Later, he began to complain of migraines. And, doctors told him that darkness and rest alleviate the headaches, Judge Du Hellain increased his resting position, always remaining seated or lying in bed.  



In his will he requested to be buried at night, in the same bed where he had died, without anyone neither moving his body nor changing the sheets.  So he was buried like this in 1828, opening a large grave in the Caen cemetery to be able to bury the chair, with the bed and the honorable judge, in his pajamas and nightcap…