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The Throne is the Power

The king of the chairs is undoubtedly the royal throne. More than the crown or scepter, it is the symbol of power: to ascend the throne, to remain on the throne, to lose the throne. Also in a figurative sense: will anyone dethrone the king of rock, the queen of pop? Religions have been molded in the image of monarchies. The gods feel their realms on thrones from those who rule the world. In the medieval art of Byzantine mosaics and Romanesque frescoes, and even in a famous painting by Van Eyck, an elliptical representation of the divinity made its fortune through an empty throne with rich cushions in which sits the sacred book.  


One of its manifestations is in the Romanesque paintings of the small church of San Quirce de Pedret, in the Pyrenees. The image is known as etimasia or preparation, waiting before the definitive return of Jesus, and is based on the text of Psalm 9, which glosses the image of the throne already prepared for the implacable judge who has to preside at the Last Judgment. The empty throne suffices as a representation of the Almighty.