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The wingback chair of the Eternal Father

A good armchair is a sign of distinctive authority.  In old times it was reserved for the patriarch, today women should proclaim their conquest of equality, sitting in the house wingchair.  

EL SILLÓN OREJERO […] 600x600px 

Interestingly, the most famous of all the wingback chairs – made in Italy since 1912 by a craftsman from Turin named Renzo Frau – had a feminine name (the “Poltrona Frau”).  Upholstered with a smooth leather or capitonnée, the Frau armchairs created an unforgettable style in bourgeois homes.  They became a symbol of wellbeing and power.  The advertising was also original, as they were announced with a poster in which Frau appeared to be the Eternal Father sitting in a Poltrona, with the caption “And on the seventh day he rested… a Frau armchair”.