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The seat of love "designed" by Edward VII

Edward VII, King of Great Britain and Ireland, son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, had a silent youth that dwarfs the bed-stories of the present British royal family.  But it is also true that when he began his reign, at the beginning of the twentieth century, at the age of sixty, his virtues as a diplomat and statesman ended up making people forget the sins of his youth. However, in a history of the furniture of love, one cannot ignore his contribution to erotic fantasies in the field of design, because his Siège d’amour, an example of which is kept in the Edward VII room of the Parisian residence known as Chabanais, which deserves a separate chapter.  

theseatoflove_600x600pxIt was a commission from the young prince to a furniture maker of the time, as he wanted a piece of furniture that would allow him to frolic with two women at the same time.  The result of this complex problem is something that looks more like a gynecological examination table than a pleasure nest.  It is a padded chair, with metal stirrups and handles, on the base an equally upholstered surface incorporating two shoes has been included. What the chronicles do not say is whether the English philanderer enjoyed reaching ecstasy or simply was in an unmasking tryst because of the structure of its padded armchair. Excerpt of a text by Màrius Carol published in an article of number 33 of Ardi magazine titled “The Design of Love”.