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Musical Chairs

In the game of musical chairs, participants do laps around a circle of chairs while music plays, and when it stops, they have to try to sit down ... But there is always a chair less than players.  It is a simple game (the necessary elements are in every house and you only have to have a music playing device or someone who plays an instrument, or even just someone who can sing) and lends itself to a lot of hilarious situations.  In the solemn atmospheres of the classical music auditoriums, the seats are also anecdotal: who hasn’t found themselves in the concert hall, waiting for the start of the piano recital, with all the audience attentive to the entrance of the soloist and, suddenly, seeing a person appear on the stage, they all explode in unison in a great ovation? But no, it was a mistake: it was only the stage manager who came to raise or lower the height or position of the stool…






And when the soloist finally arrives, we still witness some exercises of vertical and horizontal regulation of the seat, until the optimal level is found (which maybe was how it initially was) and the notes can start to sound… But my favorite musical chair was found at the Maricel Museum in Sitges. It is a chair with surprise: it incorporates a music box that is activated when someone sits on it. When I had gone with my family, the museum guide made me sit down (I was the smallest in the group) to the rejoicing of the surprised delegation.  On subsequent occasions, knowing the trick, it was a game to fake the surprise, so as not to discourage the old guide and the visitors going went for the first time.