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End-of-course work

The Gestalt Institute, the design school that advocated a technological and engineering option, proposed to its third year students an end-of-course project in which they should determine what, in their opinion, was the chair that best responded to the needs of the user anatomically, functionally, technically and economically.  The work was very complex for the students who wanted to review the foremost designs made since 1914, that is to say, from the moment that the concepts of functionality, rationalism and industrialization definitively established themselves at the very beginning of the art nouveau forms.  With this purpose they made a great dive in the bibliography dedicated to the seating furniture of Eastern and Western cultures and ended up focusing their analysis in the pieces made by such recognized figures as Charles & Ray Eames, Eero Saarinen, Marcel Breuer, the trio Antonio Bonet Castellana, Juan Kurchab and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy, Gerrit Rietveld and Arne Jacobsen, chairs that they not only studied theoretically, as they managed to try them.  


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However, they could not decide on which to choose as the model chair, since both the opinions and the criteria by which there were guided were very different.  Agreement was reached with the Aeron chair, designed in 1992 by Don Chadwick & Bill Stumpf, since, they concluded, this best summed up the spirit of our time, offering the best anatomical options, mobility and comfort thanks to an intelligent application of new technologies.  The news reached the ears of the Aeron authors who, flattered, decided to invite the students to their workshop to explain personally their method of work and the process they had followed in the design of this model, as well as the relationship they had with the industrialists.  They even achieved the complicity of the manufacturer, who got involved in the initiative, so that the kids from Barcelona ended up traveling to the USA, where they lived an experience that would not only be unforgettable, but would allow them to incorporate a note of excellence to their resume, which in the future would be very useful in finding work