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A chair for a hat

One of the rules of Hispanic etiquette, when you “capitulate” visits, was to show great admiration for the hat of the visitor.chairpedia_andreuworld_achairforahat

Arabs and Jews that inhabit the branches of our family tree could dutifully explain the reasons for this Eastern custom.  “The courtesy that is paid to the hat of a particular gentleman - observes the great traveler Richard Ford – is remarkable, especially among the good provincial people:  it is not permitted to have it in the hand or leave it on the floor.  The friendly owner of the house excels in this crucial rite of hospitality, takes the hat – saving any feeble resistance of their guest – leaves it on a cushion or hangs it on a chair reserved for it… The traveler, if he wants to feel very fulfilled and very formal (this word does not have the same fastidious meaning as in English) should remember that when a Spaniard is going to visit your home, you have to remove the hat nolens volens – if you want to show yourself to be courteous – and to put it, as if you were a Christian, in a chair for only it”.