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Alya, tailored comfort

As part of our evolution in recent years, we have developed entirely upholstered pieces. Alya is a perfect example of this new line of work. It’s a design that transmits the attention paid to details and upholstering created like ‘a made to measure suit’. Comfort is achieved through a careful study of ergonomics, strengthened by latest generation foams, which offer fantastic recovery and durability. In accordance with our philosophy, Alya adapts perfectly to public, domestic or representative spaces.


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Alya is a collection of upholstered lounge chairs and armchairs with solid wood or metal bases. The Alya collection is born from the lounge chair archetype, but frm a completely modern perspective. It is available in 3 different versions of lounge chairs: high back, low back or fully upholstered and an armchair version combined with 4-legged base or central swivel base in beech wood, and a star central swivel aluminum base with self-return system. The collection is completed with three different versions of footrest with swivel base or fully upholstered.


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