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The expression of a search

We like working with designers; it’s a way to connect our values with the perspectives of different creators. If one thing defines our evolution, it’s our commitment to design. This commitment has translated to numerous national and international prizes, like the National Design Prize 2007, the most prestigious of all prizes awarded in our country to companies that consider design central to their innovation strategy. Each year, we also hold an international design competition aimed at young designers, which this year celebrated its 15th edition. It’s our way of strengthening the new values that will build the future.




Nub begins with an image from its creator’s childhood: her fascination with artisan wisdom of the women’s wooden lacemaking instruments in her native city. Ornamental and decorative, Nub defies convention and emerges as a collage formed from an unexpected combination of different elements from the repertoire of chairs: back, bases, cushions, colors… An invitation to audacity. Nub is also the demonstration of an extraordinary structural process stemming from the wood. Each Nub piece is the result of a search for quality that begins with the cut and curve and continues right through to the polishing and final varnish.




Nub is available as a side chair, armchair and bench. The bases come in wood or metal; sled on four legs or a central base with four arms. A wide range of lacquering and varnishing options permit personalization to each customer’s wishes and needs. A lumbar cushion and upholstered seat arealso available to enhance the comfort of this piece.