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Manila at Barcelona Disseny Week | June 20th

Andreu World celebrates 20 years of the Manila chair, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, with its donation to Barcelona’s Museu del Disseny.  

The event will be held on Thursday June 20th at 12:30 pm at the Centre de Documentació  del Museu del Disseny de Barcelona.  

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“It is significant that a chair has been continuously in the market for 20 years. It means that there are some values behind it that make it necessary and its design is current. This is the case for the Manila chair designed by the firm Lievore Altherr Molina in 1999. Coinciding with the Barcelona Design Week, Andreu World, the company that has been manufacturing it for two decades, will donate two models, an original from 1999 and another current one from 2019, to the Museo de Historia del Diseño and in this way Manila will become part of the heritage of all Barcelonians"
Museu del Disseny

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We will celebrate this event with the director of the Museu del Disseny, Pilar Vélez; responsible for the product design collection, Rossend Casanova; the designer Alberto Lievore and CEO of Andreu World, Jesús Llinares, and we will take the opportunity to ask them about the history behind this chair: the commission, the idea, the process of design, materials, manufacturing, marketing, sales and evolution. But above all we will reflect on what has made Manila so special to earn a place in the history of our design.  

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Manila 1999 / 2019


Andreu World is a family business and that is why we maintain a very special relationship with time. We think about life in the long-term and we are faithful to the idea that to build the future we need to keep the past alive. We like our products to age well, that's why we celebrate two decades with Manila, a large family of chairs that has evolved into a classic, because it perfectly adapts the classic language to the current context. A solid and honest design that offers timeless comfort.

The Manila collection includes chairs, armchairs, stools and lounge chairs, with and without arms. Constructed with solid beech and oak, it is available upholstered in fabric or leather, always with a characteristic cross stitching on the seat and backrest.

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"To date, they were very vertical, patriarchal chairs, with very high back, that was the trend. In my in-law’s house they had remorse chairs, hyperbaric, with a grid backrest, and that was the starting point. Discussing internally in the studio we started to make it high, but then we did the version we liked, wide and low, which later gave rise to a series of more democratic, less patriarchal chairs. The name Manila comes from working with straw and its weave, a graphic element to take into consideration." 
Alberto Lievore