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Andreu World + Kvadrat: Introducing Glow

Andreu World and Kvadrat have joined forces in a collaboration that shares the innovative, technological and sustainable aspects of their production processes, creativity and design. They present Glow, a fabric originally designed by the expert weaver Frans Dijkmijer, whose archive was donated to Kvadrat by the family after his death.


Capri Lounge upholstered with Glow new fabric.

A classic wool fabric that Giulio Ridolfo has updated with a contemporary touch from a fresh and modern color palette. With a seemingly random and slightly striated design, Glow is woven in a Jacquard loom, a method used to create particularly detailed and precise designs.


The Duos chair, by Jasper Morrison, tailor-made with Glow. 

As a result, Glow is characterized by its intriguing interaction between pattern and structure. It is constructed with single-color threads for the warp and weft and an additional mix yarn in each weft. This results in a refined blend that ranges from clearly visible and defined drawings to almost tone-on-tone combinations.

Patricia Urquiola's Nuez chair with the customized pattern.

Glow has been created by Kvadrat to meet the needs of the new workspaces and is also recommended for the domestic environment. Andreu World presents it in a worldwide exclusive, applied to a selection of pieces from its latest collections that make it feel like a tailored suit.


The volumes of the Dado sofa have been upholstered taking care of all the details.

Many of the “Glow” colors are part of the palette that Giulio Ridolfo has created during the last years for the Danish company. For example, some of the single-color threads come from the Steelcut fabric, while some of the mixed threads are the same as in Canvas and Remix. 



Ronda combines the textile texture with the warmth of the wooden base. 

However, these threads are now combined in new ways, creating intense and deep tones clearly associated with the work characteristic of Ridolfo.

The Chicago showroom hosted Glow's presentation during NeoCon international trade fair, which annually brings together the new collections and trends of furniture and equipment for work and contract spaces in the United States.


The presentation was in charge of the Design Manager of Andreu World, Sergio Chismol and the Vice President of Sales, Jacob Sloth.


 Andreu World will have the worldwide exclusive of the fabric until its official presentation during next autumn at Orgatec, the leading trade fair for office equipment that is held every two years in Cologne