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The Eat Well Seated book is presented in North America

Designing good spaces and creating an excellent meal starts from the same idea: fresh ingredients and inspired ideas. Both chefs and designers start with a clean palette and add color and texture to create something new. The ultimate goal of both activities is to create an amazing experience.


This was the focus of the presentation of the publication Eat Well Seated in the United States that took place in the 1871 coworking space of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, coinciding with the presentation of the new 2019 collections at NeoCon.


Through a panel of experts, integrated by the chef Doug Psaltis, awarded with a Michelin star, the deputy director of Gensler Chicago Kristen Conry and the director of Simeone Deary Design Group, Sara Talleux and the CEO of Andreu World, Jesús Llinares offered his expert opinions, while Helene Oberman, Managing Director of Interior Design, moderated the talk. The discussion revolved around the intimate link between modern gastronomy and design.


First, the panel revolved around the link between design and gastronomy. "There is always an element of narration when creating a restaurant," said Conry. "Sometimes it's much more conceptual, sometimes it's literal, but in any case, it's absolutely essential in restaurant design."


"Simplicity is the root of the excellent design, be it the design of a plate, a chair or a space," said Psaltis. "People want to feel like they're experiencing something authentic." 

Innovation and environmental respect were also part of the discussion. "It is difficult to implement new technologies in a single space to eat, ultimately, eating is quite simple, although I think that its application is really incredible and is certainly changing the way we design restaurants."


"We see that sustainability is becoming an increasingly large part of the conversation for design and culinary arts companies," Llinares said. "It is already an important part of our brand, but we will continue to look for new processes and materials to be present in those conversations."


After the panel, it was held with a reception with the panelists and the public, in which an exhibition was inaugurated with 15 selected restaurants directed by Michelin-awarded chefs, together with the chairs of each of them, designed by Patricia Urquiola, Jasper Morrison, Lievore Altherr Molina, Piergiorgio Cazzaniga and William Sawaya, among others.


The idea behind "Eat Well Seated" is to present a guide to some of the best restaurants around the world where you can eat very well seated and that are equipped with Andreu World seatinga and tables.


This edition includes 50 restaurants located in cities such as Brisbane, New York, Paris, Singapore, Berlin, London and Paris and has interviews with international chefs with Michelin stars such as Gastón Acurio, José Andrés, Andreas Caminada, Eneko Atxa, Albert Raurich , among others.