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2001-2018: A retrospective of 18 editions of the Design Contest.

Past, present and future of design go hand-in-hand in the International Design Contest, which has turned 18 years old, surely making it one of the longest-lived, and is unique in its specialty, the design of seats and tables. To celebrate, we have prepared a publication that brings together its trajectory and history from 2001 to 2018.

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The publication brings together the history our Design Contest's almost 20 years - from the basis and briefing to the award-winning projects and the graphic image - and aims to serve as a source of inspiration and information for future participants, contestants, schools, institutions, media, blogs ... and in short, to all those who - as well as from Andreu World - encourage the development of talent and creation a useful tool that can assist you for your relationship with our followers and customers.

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Jasper Morrison, Jury of one of the 2016 Design Contest. 

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The contest numbers include 18 editions, 28,295 contestants from 124 different countries, 97 juries - architects, journalists, chefs, designers, artists and international professionals linked to creation, art or architecture and more than 200 schools and universities, and of their teachers, who have been involved in our contest, making it their own, by spreading and encouraging alumni and students from all over the world to design, create and innovate.

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You can also see the story online. We are waiting for you at www.andreuworld.com/contest.