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Dado modular sofa, a new design by Alfredo Häberli

Dado is a very comfortable modular sofa that arises from a precise set of proportions, volumes and color. The geometry of Dado, graphic and essential, contains a series of subtle details.

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Its upholstery proposes a combination beginning with the main fabric, the trim and a series of small strips that define the shape of the seat, especially the seam which, matching or contrasting, frames the interior upholstery that distinguishes its design.

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Dado allows for multiple combinations by adding different elements: corners, central modules, chaise longue and footrests of different sizes and depths, which facilitate their integration into public, work or private spaces. Dado is a series of modular sofas, available in two different widths, with a wide compositional offering that includes central modular elements, left and right corner, chaise longue, lounge chair with two arms and footrest.

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According to its designer, Alfredo Häberli: "The design of Dado embodies the philosophy of the Andreu World brand, which deals with comfort, precise detail and furniture as a catalyst for an interesting cultural exchange. Dado is a very comfortable modular sofa that emerges of a precise set of proportions, volumes and color. A neutral piece that adapts to any environment. Tradition and innovation are at the heart of my work as a designer and are the foundations on which Andreu World is based, it is a very natural association."