The competition is open both to design students and to professionals,without age limit.

In order to participate, contestants must design an item of furniture (seat or table) that integrates all the specifications outlined by Andreu World, S.A. in the product briefing and which resolves the accompanying technical and formal challenges in the terms indicated.
Conditions and Briefing

Students or design professionals interested in participating can consult the Conditions and the Briefing via the "Contest | 16" menu.


Following registration, a personal file is created for each contestant. This file serves to identify the Contestant in the Contest Website during this year’s Competition and future editions.

Participants may only register themselves via the registration form available in our website. Participants may register only once. Registration is not transferable.

New participants may register by completing the form available via the Inscriptionmenu in the website. Following registration, participants will be sent an email with a link to validate the registration.

Once registered, participants can identify themselves in the website using their personal password in order to consult and modify their personal data in the Personal data section within the Inscription menu.


Participants may complete the Registration process for the Andreu World International Design Contest once they have obtained a participant number. Once you have identified yourself in the website, you can consult and request your participant numbers (for example: 20160001) in the Participant numbers section within the Inscription menu.

Each participant must request a participant number for each project presented. You can request as many participant numbers as are necessary.

Participant numbers

Any designs which are not accompanied by the corresponding participant number as issued via the Andreu World, SA, website will be excluded from the Andreu World International Design Contest.

Any designs which are received accompanied by numbers which are not present Andreu World, SA database will also be excluded.

The inclusion of any personal information in the documentation submitted during the competition will also be reason for exclusion.

All material submitted must be identified with the assigned participant numbers.

  • Models
  • Technical report
  • CD or USB
  • Packaging
  • Other material relevant to the project.

The following material must be submitted by each participant:

  • A prototype of the proposed piece (scale 1:5).
  • A technical report, to be presented on 2 to 4 double-space, single-face A4 typewritten pages.
  • A project synopsis, 8 ½ inches x 11 inches for projects sent from United States of America.
  • CD or USB with plans, diagrams, sketches, reders or pictures from the model.

Particular consideration will be given to innovative contributions (based on a feasibility study), which help to increase the product quality. The following factors will be analyzed:

  • Production costs.
  • Compliance with the intended functions.
  • Ergonomics.

Designs must be submitted in such a manner as to facilitate their mechanized mass production.

All products must be original, i.e., they must not reflect previous designs.


All documentation must sent to by post or messenger service, or by delivering the project by hand to our offices, before 25th November 2016.

Andreu World, S.A.,
C/ Los Sauces, 7 Urb. Olimar
46370 Chiva – Valencia
T. +34 96 180 57 00

or P.O. Box Nº 127,
C.P. 46370 Chiva
Valencia Spain
T. +34 96 180 57 00

Projects sent from the United States of America can be sent to the following address before 7th November 2016.

Andreu World America
Merchandise Mart 222
Merchandise Mart Plaza
Chicago, Illinois 60654
Showroom 10-132 - 10th Floor
T. +1 312 464 09 00

Cost of Shipping / Returning

Each participant assumes responsibility for the costs of sending their projects and presentations.

To avoid the cost of the shipment through customs, it must be taken into account that the greater the commercial value of the project, the cost of transport will be more expensive.

For shipments and international collections of models, some courier companies require the participant have a customer number to pay for the shipping and return of their entries.

Andreu World, SA will not manage and will not pay for the costs arising from the transport, taxes, customs fees, etc.


The following prizes will be awarded:

  • 1st prize of 3000 euros
  • 2nd prize of 1000 euros

Will be awarded by a jury composed of professionals from different sectors: Design, Industry, Media and other fields related to creative activities.

The jury will also award up to a maximum of 4, non-monetary, special mentions.


The awards ceremony will be held on December 2016.

Contest results

The awards may be declared vacant upon the decision of the majority (half plus one) of the members of the Professional Jury.

The winners will be notified of the results of the contest after the signing of the minutes from the jury.


All projects submitted and which comply with the criteria that Andreu World, S.A. subsequently considers appropriate for production will remain the property of Andreu World, S.A., who will compensate the designers with appropriate royalties according to the company’s internal standard.

Andreu World will also retain possession of the projects submitted by the winners of the first and second prizes, and in relation to which Andreu World, S.A. assumes no commitment for the production of the same.

With the submission of the designs to the competition, participants guarantee that they will not provide materials that infringe on any intellectual property or third-party rights, so that to release absolutely Andreu World of all liability for breach of any rule or infraction of the third-party rights on the part of the participants, assuming the obligation to keep Andreu World free of all responsibility in such as case.

Participants in the contest cede to Andreu World the exploitation rights of the images submitted, including the rights to use, disseminate, distribute, exhibit, use in public communications, release, reproduce on the internet or any other audiovisual media, display or exhibition, of the designs submitted.

Responsability of the designer

The designers of the works submitted will be responsible for any claims made in relation to the authorship of the designs and possible cases of plagiarism related to the same.

Transport incidents

Andreu World, S.A. assumes no responsibility for any delays or losses related to the projects sent, nor to the condition of the same following the treatment received during transportation.

Return of projects

The works submitted may be withdrawn by their authors as of 1st Febraury 2017 and until 28th Febraury 2017 from the Andreu World, S.A. premises:

Andreu World
C/ Los Sauces, 7 Urb. Olimar
46370 Chiva, Valencia

or P.O. Box Nº 127,
C.P. 46370 Chiva,
Valencia Spain
T. +34 96 180 57 00

Contest participants must provide advance notice of at least three business days in order for Andreu World, S.A. to pack the projects for their transport.

Andreu World, S.A. will accept no responsibility for any damage occasioned to the works during their return.

Each participant assumes responsibility for the costs of sending their projects and presentations. Andreu World S.A., will not manage and will not pay for the costs arising from the transport, taxes, customs fees, etc.

Following the expiry of the deadline for the collection of the projects, the participants will be understood to have waived their right to recover the same and Andreu World, S.A. will be at liberty to proceed with them as it sees fit.

Modification of the rules

Andreu World, S.A. reserves the right to modify any point of the rules such as the dates and place of the award ceremony or the collection of the models for the Andreu World International Design Contest.

Andreu World, S.A. shall communicate the new date and location of the awards ceremony to the media and contestants as quickly as possible so that proper arrangements may be made.

Acceptance of the rules

Participation in the Andreu World International Design Contest implies full acceptance of these conditions.

A breach of any of these conditions by a participant will give rise to the exclusion of the corresponding design from the Andreu World International Design Contest.

Conditions deposited with a notary.